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espresso cut out.jpg


An intense, semi-sweet macaron version of an espresso shot.  Perfect for coffee lovers or those who prefer a less sweet treat.

dark chocolate cut out.jpg

dark chocolate

For a burst of dark chocolate reminiscent of a very dark chocolate brownie, this is the macaron you want.  Perfect for those that love a dark bitter sweet chocolate flavor.

salted caramel cut out.jpg

SEA Salted caramel

This sweet and salty treat is always a fan favorite and with notes of sea salt in the shell and a delicate creamy Caramel in the filling, the combination is perfectly balanced.

lemon cut out.jpg

Lemon poppyseed

An intense freshness emanates from fresh, creamy lemon curd in the filling which combined with the texture of poppyseeds on the shell creates a bright and fresh option for those that love citrus.



Filled in the center with fresh made blackberry jam, this macaron packs a punch for those that love a dense fruity jam-my flavor.  

*Dairy Free

coconut cut out.jpg


For a tropical flavor, the coconut cream along with coconut flakes make this macaron the perfect option for that fresh natural sweetness you can only get from coconut.

*Dairy Free

matcha cut out.jpg

Matcha green tea

An intense matcha flavor fills the shells of this macaron, combined with a sweet fluffy vanilla buttercream creates a match made in Heaven.  Perfect for the green tea lovers!

milk chocolate cut out.jpg

MIlk Chocolate

Perfect for those that lean towards a lighter, sweeter milk chocolate, this macaron filled with milk chocolate buttercream is the perfect lighter chocolate alternative to the dark chocolate.

pistachio cut out.jpg


For a nutty and salty flavor, the pistachio crumbs in the shell of this macaron offer a subtle hit of our favorite green nut.  Combined with a rich and fluffy vanilla buttercream filling, the effect is a pleasant salty and sweet concoction.

raspberry cut out.jpg


Always a fan favorite, this macaron filled with fresh made raspberry jam is perfect for the fruit lovers.  The jam packs a big fresh fruity punch to savor.

*Dairy Free

vanilla cut out.jpg


A bright blue shell makes this macaron stand out from the crowd and combined with a light and fluffy vanilla buttercream, the overall effect is subtle and light.

white chocolate cut out.jpg

White Chocolate

A sweet and creamy macaron filled with a white chocolate ganache creates the perfect bite of a creamy white chocolate delight.


seasonal flavors

available SEPTEMBER 1 - NOVEMBER 30



This buttery and sweet macaron features a creamy Butterscotch ganache filling which pairs well with a big glass of milk. It’s one of our sweeter flavors so prepare that sweet tooth.



The flavors of a cinnamon roll in a macaron, this macaron is sprinkled with the spice and filled with a cinnamon buttercream. The creamy buttercream filling couples nicely with the warmth of the cinnamon creating a spicy, warm flavor.

Orange Sesame.jpg


This bright orange macaron dusted with black sesame seeds is perfect for Fall. With an orange curd filling that is reminiscent of an Orangsicle, the flavor is addicting in the best way.

Earl Gray.jpg


For those that prefer a subtler sweetness, this slightly floral macaron features Tazo Earl Grey tea. Filled with an Earl Grey buttercream, the effect is soft and delicate, like a good cup of tea.

Pumpkin Spice.jpg


For all the pumpkin lovers, this orange macaron is filled with a Pumpkin Spice buttercream for all the flavors you think of when you think of pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice lattes. It’s warm and spicy and slightly sweet and the perfect Fall treat.


*Dairy Free “buttercream” available upon request.

**All macarons shown are gluten free (made from Almond flour).